Welcome to the Home of Miss Bucks County, Miss Montgomery County and Miss Liberty Bell Scholarship Organization.
Welcome to the Home of Miss Bucks County, Miss Montgomery County and Miss Liberty Bell Scholarship Organization.

Miss Bucks County, Miss Montgomery County and Miss Liberty Bell's Outstanding Teen Scholarship Organization

Great News!! We are still accepting Applications for both Teen and Miss for the pageant until SATURDAY night March 26th, 2022.

What do the Pageant Contestants need for the show?

Things you will need for the day of the pageant:


Opening Number Dress: Your choice of nice Interview dress or cocktail dress and closed toe heels.



Fitness: Dark or Black Sneakers, Solid Color Tank Top Workout shirt and Black Capri Workout Pants.


Talent: Outfit of choice but has to represent talent and shoes.


Evening Gown: Your choice of long formal dress and heels.


Contestants are required to be at the CEG Performing Arts Academy

1406 Ridge Avenue -2nd floor Philadelphia PA 19130

Parking lot located at 1408 Ridge Avenue Phila. PA19130

in Philadelphia PA no later than 9:00am - 3pm (for interviews/rehearsal) on Sunday, March 27th, 2022. CEG Free parking available at 1406 Ridge Avenue parking lot. 





Pageant Location: The pageant will be held on Sunday, March 27th, 2022 at  4pm at: 

CEG Performing Arts Academy

1406 Ridge Avenue -2nd floor Philadelphia PA 19130

Parking lot located at 1408 Ridge Avenue Phila.PA19130



General Seating:  $25 per person

Children under 2: FREE

T-shirts: $15 each


Pageant Interviews & Rehearsals: Will be held at the CEG Performing Arts Academy (684 North Broad Street-2nd floor Philadelphia PA 19130) in Philadelphia PA) no later than 9:00 am - 1 pm (for interviews/rehearsal) on Sunday, March 27th, 2022. CEG Free parking available at 1408 Ridge Avenue parking lotContestants will be at this location all day. 


Venue Rehearsals we will held from 9am-3:00 pm. The pageant will start at 4pm-7pm. Doors open at 3:00 pm. 


Here are some great sites for Interview practice:

Teen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C8VStDXrIjM

Miss: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-rqLUVXe53I




Pageant Rehearsal at the Stage:

Will begin at 9am-3:00pm. This will be a full dress / Tech rehearsal for everyone at the

CEG Performing Arts Academy

1406 Ridge Avenue -2nd floor Philadelphia PA 19130

Parking lot located at 1408 Ridge Avenue Phila.PA19130



 Doors will open at 3:00 pm.



On-stage rehearsals will be held the day of the pageant, Sunday, March27th, 2022. You will need to be present all day (no parents will be able to stay with contestants as we will complete the interview portion of the judging and rehearse and run the show. The pageant will begin promptly at 4:00 pm. All Makeup and Hair must be done by 4 pm pageant day.  Everyone will be learning all routines for the pageant all day and at orientation. Please come prepared to dance and rehearse the routine with our lovely producer.



Cost: (All payments must be made in CASH ONLY or Credit Card is subjected to an additional fee of 5%)


Teen: The teen entry fee for the Program is $150

(deadline: March 26th, 2022 in CASH Only). We also strongly encourage our contestants to sell ads for our Program Book. In addition, contestants will be asked to register on the Miss America’s Outstanding Teen


Platform - The platform (Critical Issue) is an issue about which you have strong feelings, which you want to communicate with others. All Miss America’s Outstanding Teen contestants are required to have such a “platform.” The “Critical Issue” Essay is required with your Application, Fact Sheet, Talent Request form and Check by Sunday, March 27th, 2022.


Opening number: You have the choice between wearing your interview outfit again onstage or another pretty dress (cocktail) of your choice for the opening number. For an onstage introduction, you will say your name, what school your from and grade, and platform issue.  You will also learn a quick dance routine for the show.


Teen Fitness: Please wear a nice work out an outfit for teen fitness. Teens will receive a T-shirt to wear for fitness but must bring black leggins shorts. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x9TO2k_Lt7M


Talent – Submit your Talent Form as soon as possible since talents are accepted on a “First Come, First Served” basis. Don’t forget that it must be 1 minute, 30 seconds or less. Please email me your songs ASAP!!! Also, have a CD as a backup as well on the day of the pageant.


Evening Gown: Teen - You will walk in your gown and then answer a brief question on stage. Both will be a question you already heard during your interview. This will be based on your platform. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n3jdlaAwB5M


Contestant Contract – Contestants will be required to sign and return a notarized standard Miss America Local Contract on the day of the competition. That morning!


Additional Information and Paperwork - As the pageant nears you will receive additional information. There are also some other forms, which must be submitted to enable us to prepare the Program Book and plan the pageant.


If you would like to compete in The Miss Bucks County, Miss Montgomery County, and the Miss Liberty Bell Scholarship Pageants please complete the required paperwork and return it to me promptly via email. For portions of paperwork that require your signature, please sign and then scan the documents, saving them as a .pdf, before emailing them. This will make the process much smoother for both of us. Also, make sure you proofread your paperwork. What you send is will be provided to the judges—with or without mistakes. Finally, please submit all of your entry paperwork to me on or before the deadline of Saturday, March 26th, 2022. There will be absolutely no late entries—if your paperwork is not completed and received by the deadline, you will not be permitted to compete.


Please bring everything with you!!!!!


Such as mirrors, extension cords, and anything you would need for the pageant. We are not allowing contestants to leave the event after they have arrived that morning.


We are going to have a few Hair & Make up artists with us all day to do your hair and makeup during the pageant (at no charged but please give them a tip or donation), courtesy of one of our many sponsors.  Please come promptly at 9 am to start with the Teens first, then the Miss contestants in number order. Your hair must be washed and set (mouse/hairspray) to do when you get to the event. Please arrive on time (9 AM). We will be serving light refreshments and snacks in the morning and throughout the day. You will also have lunch from one of our sponsors as well.  Again, no family members or friends are allowed in the dressing rooms.  


Thank you for your interest. The committee looks forward to seeing you at 2022 The Miss Bucks County, Miss Montgomery County, and the Miss Liberty Bell Scholarship Pageants.



Best Regards, Cristina, MissBCMCLBorg@gmail.com






MAOTeen Program Eligibility Requirements 


  • Must be at least thirteen (13) years of age on the first day of the State Competition in which she competes;
  • Must not be older than eighteen (18) years of age as of December 31st in the calendar year of the State Competition in which she could compete.
    • To further clarify, Candidate cannot turn nineteen (19) years of age at any time during the calendar year in which she could compete at the State MAOTeen Competition.
  • Exemption for 2022 State and Local Candidate Agreement ONLY: Since the age eligibility was revised after the start of the 2022 State & Local Competition Season, Candidates who are eighteen (18) years of age on or after July 31, 2022 through December 31, 2022 (the year of the State Competition) and not 19 years old on December 31, 2022 may choose to compete in either the MAOTeen or Miss programs, as long as Candidate is a high school graduate or it's equivalent by July 31, 2022. Note, this grandfather exemption will not be in effect in the 2023 State & Local Competition Season. 


  • Must fulfill one of the following:
    • Must reside in the state of competition
    • Be successfully enrolled in and physically attending classes on a full-time basis at an accredited public or private school, or home schooled within the state of competition.


  • Must be a citizen of the United States of America

Additional Requirements



Local Judging Categories


Teen Contestants are selected based upon four areas of scoring:

         Interview: 25%

         Lifestyle & Fitness in Sportswear: 15%

         Talent: 35%

         Evening Wear & On-stage Question: 25%


Private Interview
 of Score)
  • Length- 6 minutes
  • Attire- Dress, Slacks with Nice Top or Blazer or Jumpsuit. No Suits. 
  • 5-7 Judges on Panel
(35% of Score)
  • No live animals or dangerous props. 
  • Past Talents include: Dance, Vocal, Speed Painting, Instrumental,Ventriloquism,  etc.
Lifestyle & Fitness
in Activewear 

(15% of Score)
  • Black shorts, Capris or Skort 
  • Colorful Racer back Tank Top 
  • White sneakers (may have some color)  
On-Stage Question &
Evening wear 
(25% of Score)
  • Fishbowl, based on Social Impact/Platform Issue. 
  • Long Evening Gown, Short Cocktail Dress, Jumpsuit, etc. 



The above scoring, which totals 100%, will result in the determination of the Top Five contestants.


The names of the Top Five WILL NOT BE ANNOUNCED AT THE PAGEANT. The names of the Top Five will, however, be given to the judges in competition order. The overall winner will be announced. 


Entry Fee

There is a $150 entry fee for Teen Contestants.  Checks should be made payable to "CEG" Teen contestants must register on the TEEN website and pay the $35 registration fee. 

For questions about any entry qualifications, please contact Cristina, at MissBCMCLBorg@gmail.com


Teen Contestants

There is a $150 entry fee required to compete for the title of Miss Bucks County's Outstanding Teen.  Teen contestants are also required to register on the TEEN website.  TEEN Site 

Donation Procedure

  1. Go to TEEN Site
  2. On the right side of the page you will see a Blue Box - "Teen Contestants - Click Here."
  3. Click the Box and you will be presented with the Teen website page.
  4. Click the "New Contestants - Click Here." (If you are a returning contestant you can log in by entering your User ID and Password and Click "Log In")
  5. You will be taken to the Contestant Profile page where you will enter your First Name, Last Name, select your State (Pennsylvania), select your Pageant Cycle (2022), enter your Fundraising goal for Cycle, Email Address, Address, City, Zip, User ID, and Password.  In addition, you will also have the opportunity to upload a photo from your computer, if you wish.
  6. Click "Next Step" and you will be taken to the pageant registration page.
  7. Utilize the drop down to select the pageant you will compete in and click "Add."
  8. Click "Next Step" to start your fundraising effort.


DUE Sunday, March 27th, 2022.

****Please note that all contestants must bring 7 copies of Headshot Pictures, Fact sheet, and Platform essay to orientation.

Everything else can be one hard copy and via email. ****


For questions about any entry qualification please contact Cristina, at MissBCMCLBorg@gmail.com.


Rehearsal/Workshop - Saturday, March 26th, 2022 at 12pm-4pm -

Location will be at CEG Performing Arts Academy in Philadelphia. 

1406 Ridge Avenue -2nd floor Philadelphia PA 19130

Parking lot located at 1408 Ridge Avenue Phila.PA19130

 Interviews: Sunday, March 27th, 2022 at 9am-1pm - Location will be at Location will be at CEG Performing Arts Academy in Philadelphia.

1406 Ridge Avenue -2nd floor Philadelphia PA 19130

Parking lot located at 1408 Ridge Avenue Phila.PA19130


Parking lot located at 1408 Ridge Avenue Phila.PA19130



Talent Rehearsal – Sunday, March 27th, 2022 at 1pm-3:00pm -

Location will be at the


CEG Performing Arts Academy

1406 Ridge Avenue -2nd floor Philadelphia PA 19130


Parking lot located at 1408 Ridge Avenue Phila.PA19130


Pageant -  Sunday, March 27th, 2022 at 4pm-7pm -

Location will be at the:


CEG Performing Arts Academy

1406 Ridge Avenue -2nd floor Philadelphia PA 19130

Parking lot located at 1408 Ridge Avenue Phila.PA19130


Doors open at 3:00pm -  General Seating Available!



General Seating: $25 at the door

Please note:

Children under 2, Current Miss America PA Local Titleholders(in sash and crown), and PA Local Directors: FREE

T-shirts: $15 each


(All Tickets Will be Sold at the Door for $25)


Teen and Miss will be held together.


Miss PA Dates:

The state competition will be held July, 2022 at the Pullo Family Performing Arts Center in York, PA which is located on the campus of Penn State University York.  (June 9 is the arrival date for Miss candidates and the arrival date that week for a teen is still tentative as we work out their arrival venue.)


Orientation will be held May  2022 at Heritage Hills Golf Resort, York, PA.  Friday night will be the Purse Auction and you can expect an invitation from our Miss Pennsylvania’s Outstanding Teen.  Saturday will be Orientation from 9-2.  


 Prizes and Awards: All winners will advance to Miss Pennsylvania and the Miss Pennsylvania’s Outstanding Teen competition with their entry fees covered by the MBCMCLB Scholarship Organization. In addition, all titleholders will receive a Miss America’s Outstanding Teen local crown and sash. The winning titleholders will also receive a $150 scholarship from the fund, gift certificates and prizes to use towards preparation to state pageant, a FULL IN KIND semester scholarship to classes at CEG Performing Arts Academy.  Additional prizes are still being determined and added later.






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Miss Bucks County, Miss Montgomery County,  and Miss Liberty Bell pageant system are an official preliminary to Miss Pennsylvania and Miss America and the Miss Outstanding Teen Scholarship pageant!


Executive Director:

Cristina Elena Guzman 

CEG Performing Arts Academy
684 North Broad Street
2nd floor
Philadelphia, PA 19130
(Located on Avenue of the Arts North Broad street 
near Fairmount Avenue and Ridge Ave) 

Phone: 215-236-1300

E-mail: MissBCMCLBorg@gmail.com

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