Welcome to the Home of Miss Bucks County, Miss Montgomery County and Miss Liberty Bell Scholarship Organization.
Welcome to the Home of Miss Bucks County, Miss Montgomery County and Miss Liberty Bell Scholarship Organization.

History of the Crowns:                                Miss Bucks County and Miss Montgomery past titleholders.

The Miss Bucks County, Miss Montgomery County, and the Miss Liberty Bell Scholarship Organization is a local franchise of the Miss Pennsylvania Organization and furthermore the Miss America Organization. We are committed to helping young women achieve excellence by providing positive growth opportunities. Our mission is to help young women build confidence, cultivate skills, promote healthy living, earn scholarships toward scholastic achievement, showcase strengths, and serve the community. 

 Rich in history and social significance, the Miss America Organization is a not-for-profit organization that has maintained a tradition for many decades of empowering American women to achieve their personal and professional goals, while providing a forum in which to express their opinions, talent and intelligence. The Miss America Organization is one of the nation's leading achievement programs and the world's largest provider of scholarship assistance for young women. Since the Organization’s inception in 1921, 96 women have become Miss America. 
The Miss Pennsylvania Scholarship Organization was founded in 1946 by a group of civic-minded citizens concerned about higher education.  The first Miss Pennsylvania Scholarship Pageant has evolved into what is recognized today as one of the best organized and well managed of all state pageants.  Listed below are a few of talented titleholders who utilized the opportunities that the organization provides.

Miss Montgomery's County Titleholders:

2019-2020 Miss Montgomery County - Lexy Brooks - (Top 10)

2018 Miss Montgomery County - Nia Andrews - (Top 10)

2017 Miss Montgomery County - Aimee Turner (Non-Finalist Interview Winner)

2016 Miss Montgomery County - Makayla McCoskey

(Preliminary Swimsuit Winner) 

2015 Miss Montgomery County - Donna Montgomery
1999 Miss Montgomery County - Misty Dawn Clymer 

(Top 10 and Preliminary Swimsuit Winner) 
1998 Miss Montgomery County - Jennifer Behm 
1994 Miss Montgomery County - Diana Soriano

1985 Miss Montgomery County - Lea Schiazza

(MISS PENNSYLVANIA 1985, Preliminary Swimsuit Winner
1978 Miss Montgomery County - Patricia Keates (Top 10)
1974 Miss Montgomery County - Joanne Secunda
1973 Miss Montgomery County - Carolyn Hall

(4th Runner-Up & Miss Congeniality Winner)
1966 Miss Montgomery County - Paula Morgan (2nd Runner-Up)
1965 Miss Montgomery County - Karen Meckes

(4th Runner-Up & Preliminary Talent Winner)
1964 Miss Montgomery County - Susan Harmon

(1st Runner-Up & Miss Congeniality)

1963 Miss Montgomery County - Joyce Maloney
1962 Miss Montgomery County - Sandra Doldger

(Top 5, Preliminary Talent & Preliminary Swimsuit Winner)

1960 Miss Montgomery County - Barbara Lindberg
1959 Miss Montgomery County - Lynne Fuss
1958 Miss Montgomery County - Patricia Ann Costello

1957 Miss Montgomery County - Judith Jones (Preliminary Swimsuit Winner)
1956 Miss Montgomery County - Ellena Steinman

(4th Runner-Up & Preliminary Talent Winner)
1955 Miss Montgomery County - Randa Garber

(Top 10 & Preliminary Evening Gown Winner)


Miss Montgomery County's Outstanding Teen Titleholders:

2016 Miss Montgomery County's Outstanding Teen - Allison Gress

2015 Miss Montgomery County's Outstanding Teen - Jordan Fritsch


Miss Bucks County Titleholders:

2021 Miss Bucks County - Deanna Poole  (Red Carpet Winner) 

2019-2020 Miss Bucks County - Sarah Hughes 

2018 Miss Bucks County - Olivia Suarez

2017 Miss Bucks County - Francesca Ruscio

(Top 11 and Preliminary Swimsuit Winner) 

2016 Miss Bucks County - Nia Andrews (3rd Runner-Up)

2015 Miss Bucks County - Sarah Hughes

2000 Miss Bucks County - Brooke Shive 

1995 Miss Bucks County - Melissa Ann Jeka

(Top 10 & Preliminary Swimsuit Winner) (MISS PENNSYLVANIA 2000)

1994 Miss Bucks County - Kristen Strouse 

1993 Miss Bucks County - Jennifer Ann Peck (4th Runner-Up)  

1992 Miss Bucks County - Denise Marie Hill

1991 Miss Bucks County - Jane Elaine Evans

1990 Miss Bucks County - Mimi Barbara Schultz

1989 Miss Bucks County - Nadine Erin Isenegger

1988 Miss Bucks County - Jennifer Lynn Boyer

1987 Miss Bucks County - Tina Fusco (Top 10) 

1986 Miss Bucks County - Susan Prischmann (3rd Runner-Up)

1985 Miss Bucks County - Jacqueline Ann Young (Top 10)

1984 Miss Bucks County - Helen Mary Incollinto

1983 Miss Bucks County - Laura Jean Brenner (Top 10)

1982 Miss Bucks County - Nancy Marchetti (Top 10)

1981 Miss Bucks County - Valerie Jean Slack

1980 Miss Bucks County - Deborah DiRugeris (3rd Runner-Up)

1979 Miss Bucks County - Christine Reitz (Top 10)

1978 Miss Bucks County - Eileen Mahoney

(4th Runner-Up & Preliminary Talent Winner)

1977 Miss Bucks County - Sharon Stakiewicz 

(3rd Runner-Up & Preliminary Swimsuit Winner)

1976 Miss Bucks County - Debra Burks (3rd Runner-Up) 

1975 Miss Bucks County - Marie McLaughlin

(2nd Runner-Up, Preliminary Talent Winner & Preliminary Swimsuit Winner)


(Preliminary Talent Winner & Preliminary Swimsuit Winner)

1973 Miss Bucks County - Karen Kuhn (2nd Runner-Up)

1972 Miss Bucks County - Betsy Royal


(MISS PENNSYLVANIA 1971) (Preliminary Talent Winner)

1970 Miss Bucks County - Betsy Bomberger (2nd Runner-Up)

1969 Miss Bucks County - Jennifer Seckley (Top 10)

1968 Miss Bucks County - Sharon Louis Griffiths (Top 10)

1967 Miss Bucks County -Karen Shores

1966 Miss Bucks County - Jean Kirk

1965 Miss Bucks County - Diane Pericles

(1st Runner-Up & Preliminary Talent Winner)

1964 Miss Bucks County - Karen Wetherill (Top 10)

1963 Miss Bucks County - Kathleen Pagano (2nd Runner-Up)

1962 Miss Bucks County - Linda Berlinger

1958 Miss Bucks County - Mary Kathryn Bearhalter (2nd Runner-Up)

Miss Bucks County's Outstanding Teen Titleholders:
2019-2020 Miss Bucks County's Outstanding Teen - Cailey Ryons 
(Top 10)


2018 Miss Bucks County's Outstanding Teen -Mackenzie Sherman 
(Top 10)
2017 Miss Bucks County's Outstanding Teen - Jordan Fritsch
(Miss Congeniality & Leadership Award Winner)
2016 Miss Bucks County's Outstanding Teen - Brooke Calle (Top 10)
2015 Miss Bucks County's Outstanding Teen - JoJo Malone
Miss Liberty Bell Titleholders:
2021 Miss Liberty Bell- Annie Mowrey (Top 10)
2019-2020 Miss Liberty Bell- Jenna Martorana
2018 Miss Liberty Bell- Kayla Myers
2017 Miss Liberty Bell - Carolyn Brady  (2nd Runner-Up)
2016 Miss Liberty Bell - SeQuia Bailey
(Miss Congeniality & Non-Finalist Interview)
2015 Miss Liberty Bell - Miranda Rich
Miss Liberty Bell's Outstanding Teen Titleholders:


2021 Miss Liberty Bell's Outstanding Teen - Rainee Wright  
(4th Runner-Up)
2019-2020 Miss Liberty Bell's Outstanding Teen - Maddie Matthew 
2018 Miss Liberty Bell's Outstanding Teen - Benet Johnson 
(Teens in Training Award)
2016 Miss Liberty Bell's Outstanding Teen - Ashley Calle
2015 Miss Liberty Bell's Outstanding Teen - Charnae Love McCoy

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Miss Bucks County, Miss Montgomery County,  and Miss Liberty Bell pageant system are an official preliminary to Miss Pennsylvania and Miss America and the Miss Outstanding Teen Scholarship pageant!


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